Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Ice tires...

One Kenda and one Allstate Dirtman...

Ice tire condom...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Another Motor for the Hydra-Bob and Fork Mods on the FLTT

I stole the motor outta the Hydra-Bob for my FLTT a while back...time to fix that...

This 1941 FL motor will require some work but WTF else do I have to do?

So I changed the fork on my FLTT a couple weeks ago...the fork I installed actually came off a bike I got from Uruguay South America 25 years ago. Someone down there had cut off the stock front fender mounts and welded on their own longer brackets for whatever reason...Well they seemed too close for comfort with my 19" wheels so I took 'em off...much better...

A zip across the weld and a big adjustable did the trick

Off it goes...

One to go...


Monday, February 8, 2016

Cheap Thrills Show Asbury Park NJ 2016 - Great Turnout, Great Momories and a Great Time!

My son Jon helping get the bikes unloaded on the boardwalk in Asbury Park NJ

With my first Knuckle reliving the early 80's.
Me and this bike were in this building back in the old days at the Asbury Park Show

Mel and Pete

Joe Oz 

Zak's bike in the Unfinished Bike Show

Setting up in the Swap meet area

Settin' up bikes out in the Hall 

Pete, Joe and Tommy

Josh portrait...

A bunch of good stuff

Swap meet action

Despite the look on his face son Jon had a great time! 

More set up

Set up

Bolt-On with his '39

Vicky and Ed's choppers

Zakk Harnish's Pan

Joe's Indian

Snow on the Boardwalk

Old friend Barry...we were both here in '84...
Barry brought a bunch of pics from '84 you'll see some of them as you scroll down

The old girl reliving fond memories...

...and then the crowds came...
Pic by Kristian Quistgaard

Great turnout!
Another pic by Kristian Quistgaard

See yuh next time Bolt-On...

Me and Jon

Barry, Mike, Me and Joe

Zak relaxin'

Zak (Barry's son), Jon (My son), Barry and Me

Me and White Knuckle Convention Hall 2016 

Me and White Knuckle Convention Hall 1984

Group shot 1984
Corky, Some Girl, Some guy that got drunk, Gunzie, Matt, Carmella, Me, Barry's wife behind me and Mike kneeling in front
Pic taken by Barry

Reliving the old Abury Park Bike Show at Convention Hall in the form of The Cheap Thrills Show this past Saturday was a blast! A bunch of old friends turned out and a good time was had by all....Music, People, Bikes, Parts and plenty of places to eat and drink either right inside Convention Hall or right across the street at The Wonder Bar just to name a couple! 
I didn't hear any bitchin' or complaining. It was only $10 to get in and $40 for a vending space...the vendors that I talked to sold the shit out of it. If you brought a bike you were in for free...
Oh yeah and there was a Pre-Party at the Wonder Bar Friday night and an After Party at the Saint late Saturday night...

What a great event and a fantastic historical venue! Put this on your schedule for next year!

Dusty kicked ass with this one....Thanks for everything!