Sunday, April 25, 2010

Crockers Out The Ass!!! (AKA Oley 2010)

Chuck Vernon "Schooling the boys" next to Dave Minerva's Crocker.

Dale Walksler's Crocker getting the detail treatment.

Nice to see the inner workings of the trans.

Crockers on milk crates everywhere!!!!

Harry Buck's pair of 39's. One of each!

Just returned from the AMCA meet in Oley PA. A blast as usual. The theme this year was Crocker and boy did they come out! What brand of motorcycle can be displayed on a milk crate and in pieces and still command the respect, admiration and envy of all present...Crocker that's what! "Big Tanks" and Hemi's but I didn't see any Speedway models.

Now they say there were 10 Crockers present... I saw 8 but then again I am easily distracted and spent much of the weekend ripping around on my '39 El.

But shit 10 Crockers all in one parking lot and on the East Coast! It was an awesome sight!

More pictures from Oley to come...

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  1. Holy Moly this post is gonna keep me awake at nights..... would of loved to seen them in the flesh.... thanks for this post, we see far too little new Crocker pictures