Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brooklyn Invitational 2010

Ernie's Knuckle

Max's Shovel fresh off the cross country ride!

Kevin's Flathead

Construction around Max's Shovel

Down the street

Parkin' the 46


Now you see 'em...

Now You don't...


Discussing all things Knuckle with Max

Richie Pan's Pan

Panhead Rick

Ernie's Knuck again

Bus Loads of German Tourists

I missed the shot but one of the ladies on the bus did flash

Tommy heading out

Caught in the act...a 1953 PA plate and no helmet...your not in PA anymore boy

and away I go

No sleep 'til Brooklyn! (sorry I had to)
Well it was spur of the moment on Saturday morning. I fired up my 46 Knuckle for the first time since I got hit on it last November. No real significance to that I just stole the battery out of it for something else last year...
Anyhow, I threw it in my van (yes in my van...I know) and headed to Brooklyn. The BQE (Brooklyn - Queens Expressway) is lovely this time of year. Had a great time, saw a bunch of people I know and met some others. Got a chance to catch up with Max Schaaf on the street after his cross country Oakland to Brooklyn ride... (great to talk Knuckleheads and oil pumps) Good luck on the ride back!
All in all it was a great time. I didn't get a chance to hit the Dice Party on Friday or the Indian Larry block party...maybe next year.
Enjoy the pictures.

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