Monday, October 20, 2014

Flat Track...Racin' and Crashin'

1PM at Oakland Valley Speedway

Marty's Knuckle and Pan

Prepping for a night of racing

Another '50 Pan

Hutch's Knuckle

Marty loaned out his Knuckle to a couple of regulars at the track

Eric's '48 required some oxygen

The track was a mudslide due to morning rain 
and an afternoon shower...


Bikes under cover during rain

Trying to dry out the track

Truck slow race to prep the track

Pete's Chopper

The Pits

Staging for practice

Kids in go carts

Knuckle, Pan and Flathead lined up waiting for the track...

Only damage I could find on the Knuckle 
was that damn foot peg...

It worked great...until I crushed it...

Back home Sunday morning...
Left shoulder and left leg took a beating

Well Saturday night didn't quite go as expected. I loaded up the van and headed to Oakland Valley Speedway to catch the last race of the season and try out the 1941 Knuckle Flat Tracker. I arrived around 1 PM and hung out in the pits and waited while all the HD guys rolled in. The track was wet and the Speedway folks were doing all they could to prep it. It rained again in the late afternoon which set things back a bit. By about 6PM the track was looking pretty good and the Go Carts went out for practice. Soon after that our practice began.
The Knuckle was running and performing great out there. Turn two was a little dicey but the rest of the track was sweet! We got in two practices and waited for the Heats to start.
The all Harley Heats consisted of Handshift bikes and Ken the Kid on his Sportster. We lined up for the start...Ken was in my heat and got the hole shot off the line. (Couldn't let that happen) I went to pass him low in turn two and must have had too much throttle. The ass end came around, I brought it back in and gave it more throttle and then it came all the way around...from what I hear I was doing a 360 on the ground under the Knuckle. I looked up from the ground and saw a pack of bikes coming into the turn...I jumped up and realized my left arm wasn't working and my left leg was not doing much either...
I stood the Knuckle up, did a quick survey, declined the EMT, started the bike, got on and rode down the track toward turn three...I soon realized that continuing the race with one good arm and one good leg wasn't gonna do I went into the pits to convalesce...I got some much needed help breaking down my pit area and loading the bike. It was 10 PM and a two and a half hour ride home... in my condition I wanted to get started so I didn't stay to watch the races...(the drive home sucked!)
Oh well at least I know the bike will be ready for the start of the next season...I'm hoping I will be as well.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Panhead Project Stuff and Flat Tarck Knucklehead Peg Movement...again

Moved the peg again...lower and rear

Panhead Progress...Kinda...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Race of Gentlemen 2014 - Part Three- Friday (Kelly Cam)

Super Photographer Ken Nagahara!

With Mr. Oz...

Race Tuning...

Mel's dad felt the need...

Night on the street with Guy Bolton Greasy Kulture Magazine