Monday, April 30, 2012

Oley PA 2012...Part 2...Cell Phone Pics

My NOS rear Goodyear took a beating...I couldn't help myself

On Wednesday I was heading to Oley on 73 going through Boyertown PA and saw a small crowd at a store front in town. I was sitting at a light looking over and there was Mike Wolf sitting in his (now famous) white van on the phone...later Wednesday evening Mike and Frank stopped by the meet for an hour or so and we shot the shit. I haven't seen those guys since the show took off.

Matt Walksler's Flatty (Wheels Through Time)

The "No Pics" 47FL prior to the sign being posted

Close Up

I rented this little camper and plugged it in...28 degrees Friday night and I had to sleep with the windows opened cause it was so hot in there (electric space heater!). Bought a pile of new Firestone's for future burn outs...

Dale and Matt Walksler picked up this mechanical marvel built in the 50's. 
I could have stared at this thing all weekend!

From the Harry Buck collection

The wind was fierce and overnight Frank's gigantic circus tent took to the skies!

Marty borrowed my electric and table to fix his rear stand...

OHV custom 45

Check out the AMCA Facebook page for conversations regarding this 1903??? Indian

Jason's CRAZY VL this thing is unreal and runs great! He rode it to Oley from North Jersey

"The Kids" from Jersey made a strong showing


Billy on Jason's VL while Jason look's on

Fixin' stuff

An original Basket Weave oil tank...super friggin' cool!

Wow...Ernie nice score!

"Wild Bill" heading back to Jersey on the shovel he bought new...63 years old and he rode out, hangs tough, slept on the ground and rode home...always a pleasure my friend!

As promised above are my cell phone pics from Oley. I still didn't get enough people pictures. The cold, windy weather on Friday didn't deter anyone. It was a great time and a shitload of guys from Jersey rode in. It was great hangin' out with everyone. There were tons of bikes and parts to check out (for some reason all I bought were new Firestone tires for a couple bikes and a set of Whitewalls for my 51 Buick from Coker). Now that the 41FLTT is done I'm back to building crusty stuff and don't need to get mt $100 bags (of hardware) from Old Dude's liberating (although Bart always treated me right)! 
I will be converting the 41FLTT into a road machine ASAP (what else am I going to do with it?)
Oley was outstanding! Thanks to Barry (who pretty much runs the meet) for putting up with me for another year!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oley PA 2012... Part 1...Snap, Snap, Snap around the meet

1946 WR Carcass

Marty's FLTT was tearing up Oley all Weekend

 Still my favorite year model and color combo...1939 EL Red and Black

Rigid with Leaf Spring...If I had to have a Brand X it would have this combination 

 For the "Well Endowed" Rider...


Rigid and leaf spring...

Rigid and Leaf spring again...

Cleveland Steamer...

Brand X ...101 Scouts I do like these...uh oh what's happening to me?

More 101's...hhhmmm...I do have a motor...

The way to vend!

Motor at Evans...just sayin'...

Henderson display honoring Steve Ciccalone... RIP my friend

See ya Joe...

Oley 2012 was another great time. The weather on Wednesday was great. Thursday was moist in the AM but turned out OK. Friday was cold, cloudy and windy. Saturday was nice. The place was maxed out with vendors and motorcycles of every shape, size, type and year (vendors and motorcycles). I saw a lot of parts and bikes changing hands throughout the weekend. It was really great to see a bunch of younger guys out at the meet this year. 
The pictures above are a dump outta my camera....just trying to get a feel for the meet and machines. I usually just pick up the camera and do a loop around the meet going snap, snap, snap at anything that looks interesting. I really gotta take more people pics...those usually end up on my cell phone due to spontaneity.
This is Oley part 1. Part 2 will be all cell phone pics...I'll post them soon.