Saturday, April 14, 2012

41 FLTT Stem Check

Wheel had to come off again...flat tire

Ever so careful...plenty of spooge and a soft rag (that sounds interesting)

Easy out

Ripped stem ...Note to Self : Check air pressure before riding when wheels have been sitting together in the house for over a decade...

Back together and ready to go

Went to pull out the 41 FLTT the other day and the fuckin' tire was flat. NOS tires, new tubes painted original rims... I put these wheels together over ten years ago. Well I should have checked the air pressure before I took it out for that last test ride. Ripped the stem off the tube... Luckily these tires aren't "hard as a rock" and I was able to get it off and on with soapy water a rag and just a bit of help from the tire iron.
Good as new and no damage to the tire or rim!

1 comment:

  1. I had this happen when I was riding and very nearly ditched it. Glad it didn't happen to you!
    From then on I've gone for heavy duty inner tubes.