Saturday, April 21, 2012

Replica WRTT Seat for the FLTT (Product Review)

 Seat from Ted's... decent pan

Nice Profile

Time to make it fit. Use my old cut seat T from when I was a kid or do a new one?

Do a new one

Measure and mark using another T bracket for a template

Off to the High Tech Machine Shop!

Fitting and more

More machine shop action, some glass bead and paint!

I used three bolts instead of rivets (had none)

Fits Beauty...full

Not Bad...

Came together nicely...

Now I despise most repro shit...but I was in a quandary regarding what to do about a seat on the FLTT. I had a stock H-D solo on it but it was from the 70's and looked a bit big for the TT look. I tried a few others but nothing went right. 
Now this being a shiny bike (which has plagued me throughout the build) I couldn't put one of my cool old worn out seats on it! I called by buddy Dan and he recommended the Replica WRTT seat from Ted. He said they were made pretty well and look decent enough. I did a bit more research and got a positive review from Matt Olsen. He wasn't too pleased with the leather quality but thought the seat pans were good. Both Dan and Matt had used them. 
I ended up ordering two from my buddy Mike's shop and they arrived the next day (yesterday). The leather didn't seem too bad to me, it was cut and ground on the edges cobbler style like the originals and had a nice low profile.
I went to work this morning fashioning a seat T to fit the narrow seat pan. I had one that I had made for my Bates seat on my Flathead when I was a kid, but I decided to use a loose one that had laying around, it had a couple extra holes drilled in it anyway. With the help of my Ultra Modern Machine Shop (hacksaw, grinder and drill) I went to work. The end product looks pretty good and fits great. I'll pick up some rivets and replace the bolts I used, but for now I'm happy with the arrangement...


  1. They're all I use on the bob's I do in brown or black. Look good and comfortable too.

  2. Been in the same quandary about a seat for my flathead, might have to steal your idea!

  3. Looks great. Did the same thing with a cheaper re-pop on my WLD when the stock seat looked too big.

  4. looks great... excuse my ignorancs where can i get one from... who is Ted??

  5. Rowan, Ted is the owner of V-Twin Manufacturing.