Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oley PA 2012... Part 1...Snap, Snap, Snap around the meet

1946 WR Carcass

Marty's FLTT was tearing up Oley all Weekend

 Still my favorite year model and color combo...1939 EL Red and Black

Rigid with Leaf Spring...If I had to have a Brand X it would have this combination 

 For the "Well Endowed" Rider...


Rigid and leaf spring...

Rigid and Leaf spring again...

Cleveland Steamer...

Brand X ...101 Scouts I do like these...uh oh what's happening to me?

More 101's...hhhmmm...I do have a motor...

The way to vend!

Motor at Evans...just sayin'...

Henderson display honoring Steve Ciccalone... RIP my friend

See ya Joe...

Oley 2012 was another great time. The weather on Wednesday was great. Thursday was moist in the AM but turned out OK. Friday was cold, cloudy and windy. Saturday was nice. The place was maxed out with vendors and motorcycles of every shape, size, type and year (vendors and motorcycles). I saw a lot of parts and bikes changing hands throughout the weekend. It was really great to see a bunch of younger guys out at the meet this year. 
The pictures above are a dump outta my camera....just trying to get a feel for the meet and machines. I usually just pick up the camera and do a loop around the meet going snap, snap, snap at anything that looks interesting. I really gotta take more people pics...those usually end up on my cell phone due to spontaneity.
This is Oley part 1. Part 2 will be all cell phone pics...I'll post them soon.


  1. Great Pics Jeff - Get's my heart going for Wauseon in the summer! ( Can't believe you like the 39's tranny 12N34 ugh! ) Ha Ha Ha

  2. Thanks Gareth...I don't mind the shiftin'

  3. Man ... I just took another look ... there were some great motorcycles at that event ... damn!

  4. Great pics. I must try to attend next year. Thanks for posting.