Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crash Victim 1958

I can't tell exactly what the bike is from these pictures. It has a big twin springer, Peanut tank, bobbed rear fender and it looks like the carb is on the right so based on what I can make out of the motor I'm thinkin' a Pan.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Look behind the barrel

Get out the Flux Capacitor...I want to be transported back to a time when this was junk and piled up in yards!

Friday, February 25, 2011

39 Progress...more..Is it wrong?

Spray painting in the living room...Is it wrong? Fuck no!
I had to touch up the repaired cradle tubes before bolting in the engine.

Pressed steel drum to go with the backing plate...nice!

39 EL Progress? Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

46 FL Scalped of it's front brake

39 Only(shackle) Front brake

Shackle end up close

36 - 38 Shackle

39 matching front fender


It does match nicely though!

I decided to get some work done on the 39 EL today...
Now awhile ago I was doing some research on front brake parts and realized I had a 39 only front brake on my 46 FL. The "39 only" part is the shackle and positioning of the rear grease today I raped the 46 for it and I'm cleaning it off to put on the 39. I had an earlier brake picked out but I may as well put the right one on. I also picked a nice matching front fender...It has issues but I will overcome!
Yes, after 7 years that's still the ex wife's furniture taking up valuable motorcycle room...what the hell it's comfortable!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


My 1950 Pan needed a seasonal dumping of the oil to stop the sticking and slipping. Pull plates, wash in gas, resurface on patio block, wipe out clutch basket and reassemble...yes I've replaced the main seal and the ones that go in the clutch hub nut. I used to keep it up on the rear stand when parking for extended periods...that helped. I think its engine oil filling the primary anyway. The process is usually good for several months. Hhhhmmm...maybe that strategically drilled hole just below the derby cover... nah...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Then... again

Found another from Pulsating Paula around 87ish. I believe this is the parking lot of the VFW where the Indoor Manville NJ swap meet was held usually in November. It was raining and I had my old '52 Servi Car...same one I have now except I used to run it without the box. The Manville meet was great! I used to find a lot of great shit for cheap.
One time me and Mike "Bolt On" were walking through the crowded isles and he tapped me on the back and said "Hey, can I borrow $5?" I said sure and handing him the five...right before my eyes he handed it to a guy and picked up a NOS 1941 Harley Speedo!!!! Nicest one I ever saw!
By the way that's his EVO with the original Chrome German Helmet hanging off it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crashed '60 Duo Glide

Damn... I have a left '60 tank that looks just like that courtesy of a Buick and my leg!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Then and now...

The 80's called...they want their glasses back...

Out take from GK # 7

I came across a picture of me on the Internet circa 1987 (Pulsating Paula took it at a swap meet in NJ) wearing the same Marilyn Monroe "In Bondage" shirt that I had on for the pics used in Greasy Kulture in 2008. A little worse for wear 21 years later...the shirt that is. I still have the shirt and the glasses! Come to think of it... I still have that AMI hat too!!!

Syracuse Super Swap 2011 - More!

Attention to detail - Mark from Rolling Bones

Another GREAT job on this 57 Pan (utilizing 59-60 tanks)

This one's For Sale - A real nice job!
I'm not a shovel head guy but I spent an hour checking out all the trick details on this one.

As promised here are more pictures from the Syracuse Super Swap. This is a mix of cell phone and camera shots...some not so good but it gives you an idea.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day...

Syracuse NY Super Swap 2011...Featuring bikes of the Motorcycle Cannonball

Frank "Money Shot" Westfall

Frankie Baby does it again!!!!
I just returned from the frozen north, Syracuse NY and Frank Westfall's SUPER SWAP! As you may or may not know Frank is one of a kind and so is this show... From the "Money Shot" on the cover of the AMCA mag to his now world famous and incredible Henderson the Cannonball bikes at the show. Why else would I drive 230 miles north to Syracuse in February? (maybe it was because the featured beer at the show was Yuengling) This year Frank featured bikes from the Motorcycle Cannonball. It was great to see these pre-1916 bikes that made it across the USA. The stories are already legendary... John making connecting rods out of farm equipment, Matt crashing, Steve riding a his Panhead around during down time, the winners, the whiners...controversy, hate, discontent, the whole nine! But everyone I talked to or read about says it was the time of their life!
Oh and I lied...the show is actually not one of a kind! Frank is doing it all over again in Reading PA on March 27!!!
I'll post more Super Swap shots next. I figured I'd give the Cannonball bikes there own post.