Saturday, February 5, 2011

S&S Suprise!

S&S wheels

mmmm...good 450

Needed some relief


Cut away for Lobage

I've had this chromed up 47 FL motor since the 80's and have never run it. I figured I would freshen it up and stick it in a 47 "garbage wagon" chassis I have. You know...bumpers, bags, rails, lights, etc. I knew nothing about the condition inside the engine. It had Pan cylinders and plates. I just figured they were the plates needed to use the Pan cylinders on the knuck lower end, I never paid attention to the thickness. Turns out it's filled with new vintage S&S and is a 92 inch stroker! The cam appears to be Sifton and is marked 450. The pistons are from back when S&S still used TRW and are plus 60. I don't know a lot about that shit so I'm going by what I'm told. I'm gonna loose the pan cylinders and use a set of 60 over knuckles with different plates.

I'm gonna have Mike Wells (Mike Wells Motor Works) put the motor together...he liked what he saw and knows what he's doing with that shit.

Now I'll work on a chassis and figure out if it will fit in a stock frame...I guess the garbage wagon is out for this one!

CORRECTION: Just found the title. I bought the motor in Ohio in 1991. Prior to that it was in Looneyville West Virginia!

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