Monday, February 14, 2011

Syracuse NY Super Swap 2011...Featuring bikes of the Motorcycle Cannonball

Frank "Money Shot" Westfall

Frankie Baby does it again!!!!
I just returned from the frozen north, Syracuse NY and Frank Westfall's SUPER SWAP! As you may or may not know Frank is one of a kind and so is this show... From the "Money Shot" on the cover of the AMCA mag to his now world famous and incredible Henderson the Cannonball bikes at the show. Why else would I drive 230 miles north to Syracuse in February? (maybe it was because the featured beer at the show was Yuengling) This year Frank featured bikes from the Motorcycle Cannonball. It was great to see these pre-1916 bikes that made it across the USA. The stories are already legendary... John making connecting rods out of farm equipment, Matt crashing, Steve riding a his Panhead around during down time, the winners, the whiners...controversy, hate, discontent, the whole nine! But everyone I talked to or read about says it was the time of their life!
Oh and I lied...the show is actually not one of a kind! Frank is doing it all over again in Reading PA on March 27!!!
I'll post more Super Swap shots next. I figured I'd give the Cannonball bikes there own post.

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