Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29th??????

Saturday Night

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning

Unfriggin' Real!!! A massive snow storm in October. The whole Northeast got hammered. I just got my power back from yesterday afternoon, but there are plenty of folks still without it. Trees are down everywhere. I fired up the '52 Servi-Car Saturday around 5 pm and me and Kelly went for a spin. It was snowing like a bastard out there. We hit a couple of local taverns that were operating on candle and lantern light. Everyone was in great spirits. It was a great time and the Servi performed flawlessly as usual. Man I love this bike!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Hudson Valley NY Chapter - Tribute Story Part 1

Here is a great series of articles from The Hudson Valley Chapter News Letter. Check out Part 1. Part 2 is scanned and ready to post soon. We'll all have to wait for the rest!

Check it out...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

57 Pan History

"Hen Shit" in all his splendor! (mid 80's)

Pic by Pulsating Paula

Makes a nice profile...

Pic by Pulsating Paula

Kenny after a few changes (late 80's)

Pic by Pulsating Paula

Current configuration as it appeared in GKM issue 15

Pure Gold! To me anyway. I stumbled across these pictures on the internet that Pulsating Paula took back in the 80's. I never thought I would find a picture of "Hen Shit" on the 57 Pan!

Reader's Digest Version: I assisted my friend Kenny in the purchase of this 57 Pan from another friend of mine"Hen Shit" in the Mid to late 80's. I then loaned him parts and helped in the reconfiguration to a Fatbob Ape Hanger style. Panhead Ed did the motor and other work in the late 80's early 90's. Kenny road the piss out of this Pan for many years and then it sat in a shed for many years. I got it (and my parts) back in 2006. I changed a few things like the rear fender, seats, speedo, etc. and have (along with my sons) been riding it for the past 5 years.

You can read the story in GKM Issue 15 if the mag is still available. Guy is on issue 23 currently.

There are previous posts on the Blog giving details about the bike and the stuff I did to it over the past few years.
The Pictures of "Hen Shit" are priceless! I have not seen or heard from him in 20 years...He was one of a kind.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

What are they teaching these kids!

My daughter is up from Jersey with me this weekend. She's a junior in High school. She was doing her home work so I looked over her shoulder and to my surprise I see a Danny Lyons picture of an Outlaw crossing the Louisville Bridge! (side note: my mother sent me a post card with that same picture when I was a teenager).

Was this a photography class? No, it was history. The author of the book used this picture to show an example of a typical Juvenile Delinquent of the period...

Period Correct...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic...

My first Knuckle (47FL) on a ride to NY State in '84

I built it from scratch in '83 just before I turned 20.

My tanks from my first Knuckle

My fenders and wheels from my first Knuckle

A few more do dads were added over the years

Hey! Even my handlebars from my first Knuckle!

I was feeling nostalgic looking at pictures of my first knucklehead which I built in 1983 just before I turned 20 in the summer of that year...Ah, those were the days...wait a minute...they still are!!!

The motor and trans are in my Red&White Bob Job that I still ride all the time. I started looking around and realized that I still had all the parts from that first Knuckle with the original white paint from 1983 when I built it! They were scattered around but I dug up most of them. Then I got to thinking...I have a freshly rebuilt (fancied up) 47 Hot Rod Knuckle Motor that would go right into the Bob Job...What if I took my original Knuckle motor and trans and reunited them with the rest of the parts from that bike!

Who says you can't go home again!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Big George and "Brand X"...Happy Birthday!

The day started off great at breakfast

Cotter pin gone...near death experience...

Mechanics wire...problem solved...or so we thought

Other problem...non field serviceable

Looking for redemption...the Iron Redskin strikes again!

It starts like this... Big George turns 60. His wife has a surprise party for him on Sunday in Jersey. I talk Al from New Hampshire into riding down and meeting me at George's party and then heading over to PA and staying at my place Sunday night. We had a great time at George's and headed back over to my place. George wants to meet up for breakfast this morning before Al heads North...good plan...

Well we meet George and his buddy Horst just over the river in Jersey (Note to self: Leave gun take helmet). So we're going to ride north with Al for a while to see him off. It is a perfect Fall day. Pulling out of the restaurant George hits his brakes and his 41 Chief makes a horrendous weird noise. He acknowledges it but opts to disregard...the bike stopped and goed.

We are cruising alongside the Delaware River on Rt 611 and all was right with the world.

Up ahead was a traffic light for a temporary one lane bridge and construction. I was out front and stopped at the Red light behind a line of cars. The next thing I know I hear that horrendous noise and George comes whipping by me on the left so close I could feel him brush me. He is heading through the red light into oncoming traffic, oddly enough the oncoming traffic is an old Panhead! George just misses hitting him head on and disappears beyond the cars in front of me at the light! (The guy on the Panhead kept going). Al pulls up next to me and I look at him and say, "what the fuck is he doing?" Al looks bewildered and says, "he just about rear ended you!". The light turned green and the cars went through the light and there was George off into the construction area looking down at his bike... He lost the fuckn' cotter pin out of his rear brake rod and it popped out of the pedal...Holy Shit! A little mechanics wire and good as we thought.

I decide to head back and those guys take off. As I turned to walk to my bike I heard the horrendous noise again. I turned around to see George with his brakes locked skidding sideways with smoke coming out from his rear wheel. He had a Dump truck coming up behind him! The truck stopped just in time and I ran over and we pushed him back off the road... We checked over the bike again and this time found that the axle mount on the Indian rear shock broke right off! George looked at me and said, "I think I better just go home now..." He made a call and we waited on a trailer. Al headed back to New Hampshire and I hung out with George and helped him load "Brand X" onto the trailer. The knuckle started on one kick as usual and as I rode off on the Harley and George trailered his Indian home I gave him some words of encouragement...Yeah right...I mocked him mercilessly!

Happy Birthday George!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I always liked Red Heads...

I always wanted a Knucklehead chopper with red heads and cylinders...I can't remember why...I think I saw one when I was a kid...
I really should finish something before I start something else...aaaahhh fuck it...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


After a few years of Blogging I finally figured out what "Labels" are...slow learner... I started labeling posts in categories to make it easier for me to find. I only got two done, AMCA Meets and Hillclimber. They are over to the right just above Blog Archive...

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Why not...put a Nitro burning heavily modified former-Pro Hillclimb Harley in the living room? I want to stare at it for a while...

At this point he kids don't even "bat an eye" they just help guide them through the kitchen...

Saturday, October 8, 2011


After a ride on each

Running throttle cable

Found an appropriate overhead oil line

I spent the day working on Knuckles. First was the 41 FLTT, finishing up the carb linkage, throttle control, cable, etc. Made sure the tank fit properly with the cable routing...getting close. Then I was distracted by my Red&White 47FL which had a dead battery...Fixed.

Then it was off to the 46FL to replace the overhead oiler line that had cracked and another dead battery...Fixed.

These Harley 6 Volt batteries have been giving me some problems lately!

Oh yeah I also got on the 47 and 46 for some quality time as well.

Great Day!

I realized when I looked at the top picture that my youngest kids '95 Chevy S10 is newer then my Ford van ('94)...for that matter all three of my kids cars are newer then my van...get a new one...nope, runs like new!

KRAZY KEVIN CHOPPER SHOW - Long Island NY Oct 30, 2011

Long Island NY October 30 2011. Be there if you can!!!

Mary & Ernie will be there...Mary will bring her 1952 Harley Bobber, Ernie will bring his 1947 Harley Dragbike.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rhinebeck 2011 Memories

A slight scuffing...but none the worse for wear...

Arno and Company

Krazy Kevin Chopper Show Trophies

Thanks to Ernie and Mary for sending me these pics from Rhinebeck this year.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011