Saturday, October 8, 2011


After a ride on each

Running throttle cable

Found an appropriate overhead oil line

I spent the day working on Knuckles. First was the 41 FLTT, finishing up the carb linkage, throttle control, cable, etc. Made sure the tank fit properly with the cable routing...getting close. Then I was distracted by my Red&White 47FL which had a dead battery...Fixed.

Then it was off to the 46FL to replace the overhead oiler line that had cracked and another dead battery...Fixed.

These Harley 6 Volt batteries have been giving me some problems lately!

Oh yeah I also got on the 47 and 46 for some quality time as well.

Great Day!

I realized when I looked at the top picture that my youngest kids '95 Chevy S10 is newer then my Ford van ('94)...for that matter all three of my kids cars are newer then my van...get a new one...nope, runs like new!

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