Friday, October 21, 2011

Feeling Nostalgic...

My first Knuckle (47FL) on a ride to NY State in '84

I built it from scratch in '83 just before I turned 20.

My tanks from my first Knuckle

My fenders and wheels from my first Knuckle

A few more do dads were added over the years

Hey! Even my handlebars from my first Knuckle!

I was feeling nostalgic looking at pictures of my first knucklehead which I built in 1983 just before I turned 20 in the summer of that year...Ah, those were the days...wait a minute...they still are!!!

The motor and trans are in my Red&White Bob Job that I still ride all the time. I started looking around and realized that I still had all the parts from that first Knuckle with the original white paint from 1983 when I built it! They were scattered around but I dug up most of them. Then I got to thinking...I have a freshly rebuilt (fancied up) 47 Hot Rod Knuckle Motor that would go right into the Bob Job...What if I took my original Knuckle motor and trans and reunited them with the rest of the parts from that bike!

Who says you can't go home again!

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