Sunday, July 26, 2015

1946 Knucklehead - Mystery Oil Tank Leakage Found and Fixed

Ready to pull the battery and see whats what

OK, for starters the two bolts that secure the oil tank to the fender bracket have extricated themselves from their life of servitude. One did not get can see it sitting there just to the right of the hole. Damn! look at all that fuckin' beach sand in there! That's what 4 years of beach racing gets you!

Upon further investigation and dis-assembly here is the culprit! The edge of the battery flag wore it's way through the oil tank! Ain't never seen that in 35 years of fuckin' with this shit...

Notice the shinny edge where the flag meets the rod...

Other side looks OK

Hey, what can I say? Welding would have required removal and cleaning inside and out...I cleaned the area with Brake-Clean on a rag and roughed it up a little...ready for goo...

Applied with a plastic knife

Cleaned up a bit...

Re-installed the offending battery flags and a fresh set of nuts, lock washers and bolts for the fender bracket...checked/tightened all of the oil tank hardware...9 bolts...

Now for a little insurance...

I cut a couple pieces of bicycle inner tube to length and then slit up the sides leaving an inch or two connected at the top

Slid them down the battery "hold down" rods with the slit facing the rear so as to allow for the flags. Hopefully a combination of re-installing the missing bolts, tightening the remainder of the tank hardware along with the makeshift rubber insulators will stop this from happening again...

Buttoned it all up, added a quart of oil and all is right with the world...for now...

Monday, July 20, 2015

Wauseon 2015!!!!

Art's 57 Chevy with 57 Shasta and it had his '57 Pan in the Shasta! Drove it all up from Florida...

Who is that?

Cherry Bomb

Discomfort? Wait... Is that James Garner???

Sorry about the shadow...

on purpose?



Race Ready

Waitin' on the Taco stand to open


Tacos are served!

Rick's Chrome '58

NOS '61, '62 Hand shift


Not So Silent...Grey Fellow

Rippin, some practice laps

Mike's '37

Betcha never seen these before!

Ramsey's Knuckle

Rick... Kick

Chopper Mania


Nursery in the pits...


Two Bad Crashes during the Heat in the Hand shift class and one in the 70's Singles

Then the rains came...

That was all she wrote...

With Billy, who by the way, kicked some XR 750 ass on the 1950 Panhead Hand Shift!!!

Wauseon was just unfriggin' real this year!!!! Somehow they had more vendors than last year and what seemed like a bunch more campers. The weather on Wednesday and Thursday was fantastic! Friday morning saw some rain and then the temperature started rising. Friday night we got just enough rain to stop the races after the Heats at about 8PM. The races were running late due to two separate bad crashes. Two riders got taken away in updates on their condition. I hear one of them broke two legs and a wrist...unconfirmed.
There were more parts and bikes then I could possibly see in three days...great food, great people , great facility, and on and on...don't ever miss this one!
Sorry but I took too few pictures and they do not do it justice!
I have video from the races but need to figure out how to post it...