Saturday, March 31, 2012

Indian Scout Motor and Magneto ID... Help Needed!

I bought this Indian Scout Motor years ago and am looking for any additional info on it or the Magneto / Dynamo that was on it. What I have found out so far is that the motor (according to the Oregon Trail chapter AMCA Indian Serial Number chart) is the following:
1928 Model GEP/101 Engine Number Range – DGP100-DGP4317, Horse Power 6.61
Description: 45” 101 Scout changeover year from sf Scout, mostly assumed 1929

Here's what I think I remember that I was told when I bought it:
The guy I got it from, I believe, told me it was used as a hillclimb or racing engine of some kind and told me the name of the guy's shop in NY (I think) that it came from. I just don't remember any of the facts...wonder why?

The Motor has 1/2 inch stroker plates under the cylinders and the Magneto/Dynamo is a Robert Bosch Germany. The pics show all the detail of markings on the mag.

Any Indian/Magneto experts out there? Help!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dave from Frisco's 47 Knuckles

I met Dave at the Love Cycles Party in Arizona back in February. I wrote about it in the post I did last month. It was a bizarre coincidence as to how we met regarding the Lightening Bolt he painted on his rear fender that he had copied from a picture of my "Dirty Nine" Knuckle that day...
Anyway Dave sent me some pictures this morning of two of his 47 Knuckles, one being this blue 47 Barn Fresh Knuckle he recently acquired. I immediately recognized the bike as one a friend of mine (from the left coast) purchased from some Kansas boys in Wauseon Ohio in 2010 (Check out my post from July 21 2010 I loved this knuckle when I saw it and was very familiar with the bike. I had taken a number of pictures of it back then. I never really knew what became of it until this morning... crazy coincidences just keep on comin'...
Thanks for the pictures Dave!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

1947 Chassis with Very Late 47 Frame

I forgot I took these pictures... just stumbled across 'em. My buddy wanted some pictures of the Very Late 1947 FL frame neck castings so while I was at it I took some pics of the chassis. I think I may have posted pics of this chassis before. This has the white sheet metal and Hollywood bars that were on the first Knuckle I built as a teenager.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

1939 EL Prep and Fit... Groovy Pipe...

I just pulled this groovy homemade pipe outta the attic, man it blends right in! I flipped it to shake it out and along with a ton of dirt and rust, a petrified snake came outta it...good thing I didn't do that in the kitchen...
I think I'll name this exhaust "The Spitting Cobra"...or maybe "The Puff Adder"... OK I think the Methyl Ethyl Ketone is starting to get to me...need fresh air...I do kinda like Puff Adder though....

1939 Prep and Fit continued

1939 EL Oil Tank Prep and Fit

Got the 39 EL oil tank cleaned out and degreased (for the most part). I also got the matching plate and battery hold downs ready. I like to rinse all the battery area stuff with a baking soda mixture after cleaning and degreasing due to battery acid corrosion. I left the dent in the primary side of the tank rather then pull it out. I made some measurements to make sure the location of the mount to the primary wasn't affected by the dent. I'll put it all together and see how it looks.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1939 EL Tail Light and Saddle Bag Option

Someone in the distant past drilled this 39 fender for the later 4 hole saddle bag mount. I have had these Buco saddle bags since the 80's...I got them from Ray Dhue (RIP). I ran 'em on my 47 UL for a while and then retired 'em to the mantel above the fireplace. I'm not sure about using them on the 39 yet. I'll have to get it finished and see how they gel...
It looks like I might go with the chrome package on this one. I don't have a matching red 39 taillight, but I do have this old chrome one. It matches well. I'll have to change to an old chrome head light and dash...or maybe leave the red dash...we'll see.
Still deciding on whether or not to fix the dent in the oil tank...

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cans of Bud and Harley Parts...

A grainy shot of J-Rod (on the left) an me (20 years and 30 lbs heavier ago) as we gathered parts for the Pan we were building for him back in the early 90's. Ahhhh Yes...Cans of Bud and Harley parts...what more did yuh need...
Photo taken by Pulsating Paula.

Monday, March 19, 2012

1944 Knuckle and 1938 Flathead

Two more pics from Lee. His $$ Knuckle and 1938 Flathead...they just keep comin'!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

41 Hydra -Bob... Plug Blow Out

That's not supposed to happen!

I finally pulled the 41 Hydra-Bob out to see what was wrong with it after 2 years...I put a new Rubber Ducky float in it, checked the oil and installed a battery. I figured I'd just give it a try because these old bikes somehow seem to "heal" themselves when I let them sit for a while. I gassed it up, gave it a kick and it fired right up! I made some adjustments to the Linkert and it sounded pretty good so I took it down the road for some additional adjustment. Well I was working the High Speed Needle and it just kept running weirder, as I gave it the gas on my final pass I felt something hit the inside of my left leg hard and after that compressed air...Oh shit. I pulled into the driveway to find the rear plug hanging by the wire!
Could I have put the plugs in loose two years ago and put the wires back on 'em for some reason? Don't recall. It didn't take any threads out with it so I put it back in and started from scratch. I got it idling and them decided to put it away and take the 47 FL out for a blast. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St Patrick's Day Ride

 Out back of Apple Jack's Basement Bar...the fire was still going from last night

 Keeping an eye on the "Dirty Nine" as H.O.G. types marveled at it's filth...
A stop at Van Sant Airport to watch the gliders. On any given Sunday in the summer the driveway in the picture above is lined with all types of not so much...

It was a fantastic day for a ride. I fired up the "Dirty Nine" and Kelly and I headed out for a trip through the country and down the Delaware River... stopping along the way for lunch and the occasional adult beverage. One of my favorite spots is Apple Jacks in Point Pleasant PA. I only took a couple of pictures...the night is young...

Grant and Mel on Late 1930's 45's

 Grant Bauch on his 1939 WLD

Mel Christianson 1936 RL

A couple of oldies from Lee. The 1939 WLD is one of my all time favorite year and model 45's other then Race Modules.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

1938 and 1939 ELs

1938 EL

1939 EL

Lee sent me some cool pics. Here are his '38 and '39 ELs. The man has impeccable taste in motorcycles!
When I asked him if I could post them he replied  "If you think anyone would like to see them. Just a bunch of rusty old junk"...Yeah...Right!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Danish 1940 Knuckle

Christian's 1940 EL...just the way I love 'em!

Christian from Denmark sent me this pic of his fantastic 1940 EL. I love that 1940 only cam cover!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Mystery Pillion Pad

 Mystery Pillion Pad

 Compared to a Bates

I have had this NOS Pillion Pad for many years. I have never seen another one like it. It's 10 inches by 8 inches and weighs over 4 pounds. The color and design are strange to me...especially the weight and density of the pad, not to mention the 14 mounting holes!
Any ideas?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

65 Pan in 2000 from the Lost Floppy's

 Done and Running 2000. This bike transformed many times while I owned it.

Under construction with my old '55 in the background. The '55 is now in Norway.

Just after it caught fire at Oley PA in 2000. The sign says "Fires Right UP!!" This pic was scanned and not on the floppy. Greasy finger print to the left of my head is an indication.