Saturday, March 10, 2012

41 FLTT Build 2000 - 2012 Thanks to my Lost Floppy Files

 Nov 2000 - Chassis parts painted by my buddy Paul from NJ

 Nov 2000 - Parkerized and Assembling Front Brake, Fork, etc. parts

 Nov 2000 - Rear Brake and Fork Parts

Dec 2000 - Front Brake assembly and more parts being reconditioned

 Dec 2000 - Assembled and Installed Fork with NOS Ride Control that I acquired from William's Harley-Davidson in Bound Brook NJ back in 1984 (waiting for the right machine!)

 May 2001 - Wheels laced, NOS (not repro) Good Year Deluxe All Weather Tires mounted

May 2001 - Fitting Rear Wheel NOS Good Year Deluxe All Weather Tire

FAST FORWARD  to January 15, 2012 @ 4 PM EST - Done and Running over 12 years in the making (or more like 15 if you count collecting parts and the initial concept). Most of the time it was simmering on the "Side Burner"...
Thanks to the "Lost Floppy's" I was finally able to pin point when I actually started to build this 1941 FLTT. 


  1. Anyone with the "sickness" understands why you do this .... Great patience and determination - priceless!