Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Now what?

Well it was a beautiful day. I decided to take the 47 FL out for an early evening ride. I was super low on gas and puckered on reserve for about 5 miles 'til I got to the gas station. I swung the knuckle up to the pump and kicked out the stand...clunk... clink... the kickstand, spring and stop fall right on the pavement. I looked down in disbelief, looked around and thought... Now what? This was a first. I filled the bike with gas and wheeled it over to the Ice cooler for a "lean" while I assessed the situation. I figured the nut had to be in the vicinity based on the fact that all the other parts were there...nope. A 7/16 fine thread nut...not what you'd find in a bubble pack at the Convenience Store...oh well. I stuffed the parts in my pocket and the kickstand in my jacket and continued on to the was wing night after all. Another "lean" job outside the tavern and had the owner's son scour the basement for a luck. Stuffed with wings I headed for home. I leaned the Knuckle against my kid's car in the driveway, grabbed the appropriate hardware and put it all back together. All in all a good night.


  1. Weird... I had the same thing happen on my Pan, in France. No wings though.