Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dave from Frisco's 47 Knuckles

I met Dave at the Love Cycles Party in Arizona back in February. I wrote about it in the post I did last month. It was a bizarre coincidence as to how we met regarding the Lightening Bolt he painted on his rear fender that he had copied from a picture of my "Dirty Nine" Knuckle that day...
Anyway Dave sent me some pictures this morning of two of his 47 Knuckles, one being this blue 47 Barn Fresh Knuckle he recently acquired. I immediately recognized the bike as one a friend of mine (from the left coast) purchased from some Kansas boys in Wauseon Ohio in 2010 (Check out my post from July 21 2010 http://knucklebuster1939.blogspot.com/2010/07/wauseon-2010-swap-meet.html). I loved this knuckle when I saw it and was very familiar with the bike. I had taken a number of pictures of it back then. I never really knew what became of it until this morning... crazy coincidences just keep on comin'...
Thanks for the pictures Dave!

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