Monday, March 5, 2012

Wauseon Ohio Meet 2001 - Lost Floppy Archives

 Middle Boy - will be 22 on Thursday! 
This was his first Wauseon and the boy has attended the meet ever since 
except for this past one due to moving to Philly.

 Thought he would fix and ride...not...

 36 EL

 OHV had a Vard on it when I first saw it back in the late 80's

 Caddy Comfort

 Wauseon Cruiser

 Always had a thing for crusty old Servi-Cars

While looking for a pic (I new I had somewhere) of that 1961 Pan yesterday I stumbled upon a stack of floppy discs that were all labeled from 1999 - about 2003. Now the trick was that I had nothing to stick them into! I dug around in the closet and found my daughter's old Dell desk top computer...but would it work after all these years???? I plugged all the components together and fired it up. Success! Now I just needed my daughter's old password. I called her up and after about a half hour of "try this and try that" I gave up and grabbed the start up hour later and I was in business and perusing old pictures of kids, bikes, meets and other stuff...COOL! I copied all the floppy's onto a CDR and was good to go.  I found some great stuff that I had forgotten all about. Among them was one labeled Wauseon 2001...
Enjoy the pictures!

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