Thursday, March 15, 2012

1938 and 1939 ELs

1938 EL

1939 EL

Lee sent me some cool pics. Here are his '38 and '39 ELs. The man has impeccable taste in motorcycles!
When I asked him if I could post them he replied  "If you think anyone would like to see them. Just a bunch of rusty old junk"...Yeah...Right!


  1. Great stuff. Interesting looking pictures on the wall too.

    Really want a set of 16" wheel trims!

  2. I'll take rusty old junk any day over shiny new junk!

  3. awesome junk! Man i can't wait to get my '37 UL on the road...

  4. I must have looked at that 38EL 50 times ... I'm in love! ( I can't believe Lee's junk! .... Only his wife could have said that! Ha Ha)

  5. How cool is that exhaust display!
    That must be worth a few bob.