Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Home Wrecker!

Unbelievable! Thanks Rick!
Too bad about Dorothy's Dinette...

Rare Sighting

My youngest son actually approached me to go for a ride on the 57 Pan last night...very rare occassion...I still hold out hope.
Tell me: What 18 year old wouldn't want to ride a 57 Pan Apehanger to the bar for "Bike Night"with his Pappy? He rides it pretty fuckin' well too!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Good Company

I left the 47 FL in good company outside the tavern.

Good Sign

Flipped open the garage door yesterday morning to take the 47 FL for a ride to the Macungie PA Hot Rod show and found this guy hanging out in the garage on the step hub wheel I'm gonna use for my 39 EL...gotta be a sign...


Oilzum promotional package filled with stickers of various sizes and designs.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maine...Lobster, Lager and Much More!

Lobster and Lager!

1915 Adams Race Car

Reading Standard

Pierce Arrow Motor


Love Oilzum Stuff! Pennsylvania Crude!

Nice Line Up!

Wire to keep out the Riff Raff...

Indians, X-cetera

Benzine Powered?

Side Mounted Dash

1901 Indian

Adams Race Car Engine

26 JD
Just got back from the Coast of Maine this afternoon. I went up (7 hour ride) for some R&R...LobsteR and LageR. I found both, and much more!
Tucked between Lobster shacks and Moccasin shops was a building filled with old cars and low and behold...Old crusty motorcycles, just the way I like 'em. Reading Standards, Excelsior, Indians, Harley, cool motors, etc. I almost didn't even stop. It's an Auto Museum in Wells Maine, just south of Kennebunkport (where the Bush family hangs out). Nice people, when they found out I knew something about old bikes they opened up the chicken wire and let me have the run of the place. I could have stayed there all day...but hell I was on vacation and there was lobster and beer everywhere you turned! Shit they even put lobster in hot dog rolls up there!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brookfield 2010 - Wet and Wild!

Late lunch stop just south of Hancock NY...The Cross Town Tavern

Child Care! Brookfield Style!

Caught a critter

The accommodations

Reminded me of my first HD

Just take the Fuckin' picture already! Boot Drying procedure


I saw the same Henderson car at Wauseon

If I wasn't riding I would own this basket

"Bolt On" and "Wild Bill"

Night Time at the local tavern

Brother "Bolt On" proudly displaying his drink chip which reads "I love this bar" as mayhem ensues outside

One of the locals "bleeding out" during a break in the festivities

A much calmer and drier ride home

The drink will flow and blood will spill...and if the boys wanna fight you better let 'em!

Ahhh Brookfield 2010. It was that time again! I hadn't started my 50 Pan since I returned home last year (see previous posts on that Odyssey). So what the heck I'll take it again this year!

Off with the cam cover, the wheels, the generator, the front fender, the brakes. Fix and replace tires and gaskets, tighten loose parts, change oil, shop vac out the crust in the gas tanks, tighten chains disassemble and clean clutches, etc. All the day before I'm supposed to leave!

Well Thursday morning was looking dreary and the Jersey crew was all waiting until Friday to head up. Work!? where are their priorities!!!

I was sitting in the local diner with my son Jesse looking out the window at the rain...maybe I'll wait 'til tomorrow and ride up with the boys...yeah that would be the sensible thing to do...nice weather, company, help if stranded...Fuck it! I'm leaving today!

I packed my tools, sleeping bag and tent. Duct tape and plastic wrapped everything up and hit the road. My goal was to be having a cheeseburger and a beer at the Crosstown Tavern just south of Hancock NY by 3:30PM. The rain really started coming down around Easton PA I was just hauling ass and only stopped for gas. It rained the whole way up with a little break here and there just to tease my dumb ass.

I hammered through the Delaware Water Gap on Rt 611 and through Marshall's Creek, passing all the bars me and Sam stopped at year before... Just make it to the Crosstown Tavern, was going through my head. I hit Rt 402 heading toward Lake Swollenballsack and man did it fuckin' rain! I couldn't see shit. That is about 34 miles of nothing through the woods (beautiful on a nice day). I hit Rt 6 and passed by Baer's Harley Davidson. My pan was loading up a bit from some slow going through town. I thought about stopping at Baer's and taking a leak and cleaning the plugs, getting dry...then I heard that voice...Just make it to the Crosstown Tavern...I hit the throttle hard outside of town and cleared it out. Rt 191 the last leg to the Crosstown! Another beautiful ride in nice weather...not today!

I finally arrived at the Crosstown...soaked to the skin...I sat down and ordered a beer and a burger, I looked at the clock on the wall and no shit it was 3:30! Made it!

Back on the Pan the rain had stopped! I headed into NY state 1 mile down the road. Shit gotta put on the Buco. I hit Rt 17 which is a major highway for about 11 miles and then off onto Rt 8. Things were looking great. I had about 60 miles to go when the rain started again and man did it rain!!! The last 50 miles of the trip was the worst rain of the day! I made it up Rt 8 and off into the thriving metropolis of Brookfield NY (Tavern, Court House, general store with one gas pump and the Beaver Den Diner). I pulled into the fair grounds just outside of "town". The Empire Chapter folks were gracious and offered me a dry spot in the barn to set up my tent and dry off. It was great that I didn't have to set up in the down pour! What sleeping I did was on concrete...NICE!

I'll have to finish this tale later...happy hour is over in a 30 minutes!