Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yuengling Brewery Tour - more

Converted to Ice cream during prohibition (or did they)


Entrance to the caves where the beer was stored. The government actually bricked them up during prohibition.

Stained glass ceiling

Mural of first beer post prohibition...happy guy

Gratuitous Panhead shots

Here's some more pictures of the Yuengling Brewery.

Brewery Tour

Paid a visit to the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville PA this past weekend. It's a pretty cool place with an interesting history.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

She Devils on Wheels 1968

Just got done watching this gem...She Devils on Wheels... featuring The Man Eaters MC.

"We are the hellcats nobody likes! Man-Eaters on motorbikes! We own this road so you better get lost when you hear the roar of our cut-out exhaust! Bug off or you'll find that you have blown your mind! Get off the road!"


Monday, May 23, 2011

Get A Grip!

I had a dilemma regarding spirals and grips. I really didn't want to cut down the NOS military surplus ones I have and chrome them. So while at Oley I purchased a set of cut down spirals and grips from Tom and Lori Faber on the reccomendation of Dan Henke. I got them home and they were too short and wouldn't slide on at all. I was slightly pissed! (but it didn't last long)

I emailed Lori Faber and to my delight she said no problem, send us your bars and the spirals and grips and she'll have Tom custom fit a set to my bars! The turn around was immediate! As I pulled in from Denton the Fedex truck pulled up behind me with the finished product!

They look and fit great. I'll let you know how they work with the OEM guts.

These are American made and seem to be excellent quality...not like other "repops" I've seen.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cut Off...

I've seen hundreds of springer handle bar trees with the bars cut off but I think this is the only cut off handle bar I've seen. I guess they all went right into the trash. I found this in my cable pile. This one happens to be an NOS military bar that was cut off with a pipe cutter leaving the cable intact...excellent! It has the spiral and all the NOS internals right down to the set screw.... just what I need to slip into my Flanders!

Old Chopper Paint Save


AFTER...Oh Yeah!

I first saw this tank at the Scrap Fest in Jersey last year and kicked myself for not pickin' it up. I got my chance yesterday at the swap meet at the Jersey Shore.

Some genius long ago decided to paint it with a blue spray bomb, luckily he must have run outta paint and only got one side covered. I hit it with a piece of 320 wet and off came the blue. Beautiful!

Friday, May 20, 2011

47 Knuckle Two Tone... Ex Police?

Looks like an Ex Police bike with those dual head lights and paint scheme. The extra chrome buddy seat and bags make me think "Ex".


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Denton Part 4 - American Classic Motorcycle Museum

The Flying Cloud

On the way down to the Denton NC meet I pass through Asheboro NC where Rick Allen has the American Classic Motorcycle Museum. It's on Route 64 near Route 49. I know Rick and have seen a few of his bikes ("The Flying Cloud" 1936 EL being my favorite). I stayed in Asheboro last year but didn't get a chance to check out the museum.

I swung in on my way down this year and did a quick run through. It's a great place with great bikes and memorabilia. The pictures above don't do it justice but gives you an idea of the great stuff he has on display. Rick and his son Ramsey also brought a bunch of cool bikes to the meet including several Knuckle and Pan choppers in my previous posts.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Denton Part 3 - Ted Erickson

Ted with "Motorcycle Mike" and the "Rotten Canadian"

Ted Erickson on one of his Nortons

Close up of the Ariel Engine...like a jewel..

The Goldstar

Norton Flat tracker in a modified Harley KR frame

As I said in my first post about Denton, It was great to meet new people from down South.

I noticed this gentleman setting up next to me and I helped him put up his EZ Up Tent. Well that was all it took...he put me to work for the rest of the meet! This gentleman's name is Ted Erickson, former motorcycle dealer and Expert racer! He built and raced the bikes in these pictures. One of my favorite jobs that Ted gave me was starting his BSA Goldstar race job! I could not kick that thing over to save my life (this was no ordinary Goldstar). We broke out the rollers and I sat on the bike in third gear as a couple guys held the back and Ted hit the button!

He told me when that bike starts Harleys shrivel up in fear! He was almost right (being a Harley guy I can't totally agree). Man, that thing was awesome! I sat there with the bike running beneath me and Ted says, "First gear is all the way up"...I looked puzzled and he said "Go ahead". Well I popped it into first and took off like a pro for about 100 yards til I stalled it and had to push it back. He said "lets do it again". This time I blasted around the park grounds and even got it a bit sideways! What fun!

Even more fun was listening to the story's that he told about how he built these bikes and raced them. Turns out Norton didn't have a good Flat Track frame so he built one out of a KR Harley frame, check out number 39 in the pictures. The other Norton (no number) has a special frame. And shit that Ariel is cool as hell... among many other modifications he axed the tank and welded the half's back together to narrow it!
He told me he had to mess with everything and could not leave anything stock, he always had to make changes to see what worked better.

Too bad I didn't get into any of the pictures with Ted...being the one that takes 'em I'm rarely in 'em.

Ted had a bunch of cool story's that I'll try to post...I'm all posted out for today...

Denton Part 2 - The Farm Park and Stuff


As raced JAP from NJ

'60 Duo Glide

Finned Pan

The Devil went Down to Denton

Drag for beers




Bud Powered

Farm Park Coolness

Even Aunt Bea's Studebaker!

As promised, here are more pictures from the Denton NC AMCA meet. I only took a few pictures of the vast amount of old machinery and other stuff that are permanent fixtures at the park. There was an entire belt driven machine shop as well as a functioning general store and many other old time buildings. Hell, they even had Aunt Bea's Studebaker from the Andy Griffith Show!

Oh yeah...more bike pictures too! I have more to post soon.