Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Denton Part 4 - American Classic Motorcycle Museum

The Flying Cloud

On the way down to the Denton NC meet I pass through Asheboro NC where Rick Allen has the American Classic Motorcycle Museum. It's on Route 64 near Route 49. I know Rick and have seen a few of his bikes ("The Flying Cloud" 1936 EL being my favorite). I stayed in Asheboro last year but didn't get a chance to check out the museum.

I swung in on my way down this year and did a quick run through. It's a great place with great bikes and memorabilia. The pictures above don't do it justice but gives you an idea of the great stuff he has on display. Rick and his son Ramsey also brought a bunch of cool bikes to the meet including several Knuckle and Pan choppers in my previous posts.

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  1. Ed Rich and Rick are partners in the museum. Ed runs the shop in back (and also teaches a course in motorcycle restoration) and has the diner. Super neat place, so many nice old bikes crammed into such a small area!