Monday, May 23, 2011

Get A Grip!

I had a dilemma regarding spirals and grips. I really didn't want to cut down the NOS military surplus ones I have and chrome them. So while at Oley I purchased a set of cut down spirals and grips from Tom and Lori Faber on the reccomendation of Dan Henke. I got them home and they were too short and wouldn't slide on at all. I was slightly pissed! (but it didn't last long)

I emailed Lori Faber and to my delight she said no problem, send us your bars and the spirals and grips and she'll have Tom custom fit a set to my bars! The turn around was immediate! As I pulled in from Denton the Fedex truck pulled up behind me with the finished product!

They look and fit great. I'll let you know how they work with the OEM guts.

These are American made and seem to be excellent quality...not like other "repops" I've seen.

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