Sunday, May 15, 2011

Denton 2011...The Year of the Locust

Adam thought they where tasty...


Ray's 40

This knuckle chopper was insane...check the mold job

Dig those bars! Internal controls!'s not Motorcycle Mike's original bobber but it sure has a similar paint job!



This pan dragster was there last year

Motorcycle Mike's Original California Bob Job

Ray's pair "O" Knuckles

Nice Puppy!

Morning Fog...

The second annual AMCA National Meet in Denton NC was this weekend. I LOVE this place!

Not only is this one of the coolest facilities I've ever seen (Denton Farm Park) but the Southern Boys seem to have a deal with Mother Nature on setting a theme. Last year was Snakes and this year was Locusts (Frogs next year I hope!). The 13 year locusts were out in force adding an eerie hum in the background. The weather held out for the entire meet and the place was jumping by Friday morning! I picked up some cool old bobbed fenders and a bunch of parts for projects I'm workin'.

I met Motorcycle Mike and the Rotten Canadian down there on Wednesday evening. The folks running the show greeted us with open arms even though we were a day early. I really can't say enough about the cool shit all over this place. The machinery alone was enough to make the 8.5 hour trip worth it! I have a bunch of additional pictures yet to be posted. The Chapter's theme for the meet was Rat's and Choppers and there were plenty of both! The old original "Smitty" Knuckle from 30 plus years of Rats Hole fame was in attendance.

We got to hang out with old friends and meet a bunch of new ones from the Southern States. A great time! Even though this is only it's second year...this meet has turned out to be one of my favorites already! If there is any way you can attend next year...DO IT! (Especially all the Maryland gang who were MIA...yeah this means you).

Oh by the way, I did get in trouble within the first hour...the owner of the Farm Park says I have to come down in October to plant grass seed...they don't call it a Grasshopper for nuthin'!

More pictures to come from Denton 2011...

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