Tuesday, July 27, 2010

41 FL TT back at it...

I've been picking up hardware and various little parts all summer for the 41 TT. I had these cool old accessory emblems around for years and they are a perfect fit for the paint scheme. Getting the tank strips on has been another story. I had my painter come by and trim the paint on the backing strips to help me get the NOS trim strips to snap on...what a bitch! I am not used to nice paint and shine so this is especially frustrating to me. I need to finally get this bike finished up... it has been on the back burner for about ten years now!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

39 EL Tanks and Fender

Mocking it up

The rear fender came with my Dirty Nine 20 years ago.

The tanks I scored at Wauseon between the racing!

I picked up these sweeeet 36-39 EL tanks a Wauseon. Just what I needed! I think I have everything else to complete this thing now. I semi bolted up the rear fender to get a feel for it. I need to throw some paint on the cradle tubes of the frame where it was fixed and then start bolting stuff up permanently. It looks like the engine will get built in the fall.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Wauseon Hand Shift 2010

Starting Line

Heat of battle...

Nine HDs and Indians line up for the HEAT race (pre Fire)

Mike with his Board Tracker

Comin' out of staging

Crankin' up Ol' Thirty Three

Some pics from the Wauseon hand shift class heat races in no particular order.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wauseon 2010 Swap Meet

Boot legged lager from Pa

1940 EL

Say hello to Mr. Curtiss!

Personal touches

Love this original sticker

B&H, Pipes, Scallops, Knuck Motor... Oh Yeah!

A whole lot of Barn Freshness!

Man this was the one!

If you like this kinda thing

Jerry Franz from the Hill Climbing Franz's

Nice 40 at the hotel

One of my favorites 37 WL had a great look.

Crunch time!

Bill's 48 that his dad bought new

Something for everyone

well maybe not everyone Friggin' weird!

The swap meet at Wauseon was awesome this year. I scored a set of tanks for my 39 EL and a pair of racing top ends. There was Barn Freshness everywhere! The boys from Kansas brought a bunch of bikes and parts that haven't seen daylight in 50 years or more. Check out the pics.

More coming...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wauseon Racing - Board Track Class Upset

Pusher Man Racing Wins Wauseon Board Track Class!

Board Tracker's on the track

My son Jesse (three year member Pusher Man Racing Team)

The workings of "The Bottle Rocket"

Nice light trans

Pusher Man Racing Machines

Just Say No to Brand X

The Bottle Rocket - Now #1

The Pope

Just nice!

God Damn the Pusher Man...at least that is what Pat Murphy (the previous reigning champ of the board track class) is thinking! Carl AKA Big Jesus of Pusher Man Racing takes the #1 spot in Wauseon on his latest creation...The Bottle Rocket! When the dust cleared it was Carl Up front. When I asked Pat what happened he graciously stated, "He Kicked My Ass!"

More Wauseon Photos to come, including Hand Shift Class and the swap meet...