Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wauseon Racing - Board Track Class Upset

Pusher Man Racing Wins Wauseon Board Track Class!

Board Tracker's on the track

My son Jesse (three year member Pusher Man Racing Team)

The workings of "The Bottle Rocket"

Nice light trans

Pusher Man Racing Machines

Just Say No to Brand X

The Bottle Rocket - Now #1

The Pope

Just nice!

God Damn the Pusher Man...at least that is what Pat Murphy (the previous reigning champ of the board track class) is thinking! Carl AKA Big Jesus of Pusher Man Racing takes the #1 spot in Wauseon on his latest creation...The Bottle Rocket! When the dust cleared it was Carl Up front. When I asked Pat what happened he graciously stated, "He Kicked My Ass!"

More Wauseon Photos to come, including Hand Shift Class and the swap meet...

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