Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wauseon 2010 Swap Meet

Boot legged lager from Pa

1940 EL

Say hello to Mr. Curtiss!

Personal touches

Love this original sticker

B&H, Pipes, Scallops, Knuck Motor... Oh Yeah!

A whole lot of Barn Freshness!

Man this was the one!

If you like this kinda thing

Jerry Franz from the Hill Climbing Franz's

Nice 40 at the hotel

One of my favorites 37 WL had a great look.

Crunch time!

Bill's 48 that his dad bought new

Something for everyone

well maybe not everyone Friggin' weird!

The swap meet at Wauseon was awesome this year. I scored a set of tanks for my 39 EL and a pair of racing top ends. There was Barn Freshness everywhere! The boys from Kansas brought a bunch of bikes and parts that haven't seen daylight in 50 years or more. Check out the pics.

More coming...

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  1. Hi, Thank you very much for that excellent article.
    I'm interested in the 1947 hydraglide knucklehead. Could you show me where it is?