Friday, July 9, 2010

Breaking Brakes

The last time I rode my 47 FL the brakes felt like they needed some adjustment (pedal hitting the floor board).
I was heading out for a ride the other night and thought I would adjust up the rear brake rod. I threw the bike up on a stand and adjusted the brakes so that I had plenty of pedal. Then for the heck of it I decided to wipe the rim down. I noticed that two of my lugs were missing and the other three were loose. I grabbed the allen wrench but couldn't get past my exhaust that runs across where my axle is. I was dangerously close to missing Happy Hour so I said "fuck it" and grabbed a different bike. A couple of days later when I finally went back to see what was up with the lugs I noticed the two that were missing had snapped off. I took off the drum and there was no fuckin' lining left on the rear brake shoe! Gone! WTF... I don't know if the snapped and loose lugs had anything to do with the missing brake lining (I know it was there when I put it together!) or was it just a coincidence. Who knows how long the lining was gone... But the brake drum wasn't scored or anything...

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