Thursday, September 30, 2010

36 EL California Bob Job

Because Guy (GK) asked.
This is my buddy Motorcycle Mike's 36 EL Bobber. This thing was sitting on top of an 85 year old guy's junk pile in California! This is the real fuckin' deal. The motor and trans are rebuilt and he put new tires on it, other then that its how it was. Fordson toolbox and everything! I love the hand made dash, front fender on rear, bars risers you name it! This thing is the epitome of the 40's Hollister style bob job and it ain't no replica. Hell it may have been there for the "festivities"...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tommy Two Tone 1944

Attention to detail. Check out the "side car" fender light on the front fender, Chrome Hollywood bars, the paint scheme including tool box cover along with various other cool lighting and accessories.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jersey Shore 2

Arrived and left my mark all over the driveway

Surviving 46 Knuckle Chopper

1960 Chevy...No it's not on a's a boat!

Minor repair on the 57 Nomad

36 EL Original Bob Job

Recently acquired Original 54 Pan...a Sweetheart!

56 FLH

It's Alive!
The real reason for my visit to the shore was to see Motorcycle Mike. A couple of beers and some BSing. We worked on getting this 56 FLH running. The Timer was a tooth off. We straightened that out and it fired right up! Down the road it went. It needs some minor finishing up and then it's good to go. There's always a bunch of cool shit to see, but the 1960 Impala Pontoon Boat is unfuckinreal! The thing is in great shape inside and out. It was previously used in fresh water...let's see how it holds up at the shore.

Where Snukie at? or The Bore at The Shore

Put a couple hundred or so miles on the 47 FL Bob Job yesterday. Took an impromptu ride down to the Jersey Shore to visit Motorcycle Mike. There was a Bike Week thing going on in the (now infamous) town of Seaside NJ so we checked it out. Mike road his Black 56 Pan.
It turned out to be the H.O.G. "Roar to the Shore"... It sucked... a couple of shovel heads and a 58 Pan was all I noticed. The rest was HOG and Seaside PD. We grabbed some food and a beer and split.

Random Plates / OCD

Every so often while reading license plates on the road ( yes I do that, it's the OCD) I run across one that has some HD or MC related meaning and I'm not talking about personalized plates like BKR GRL or HD-RYDR or any of that shit, I mean random plates that vehicles are assigned that have letters or numbers or a combination that have some significance (to me anyway). While out on the 47 the other day I snapped this ULH plate. Now the OCD kicks in and I need to find a connection to the 314. Hmmm the standard Cylinder bore of a ULH is 3.422, nope...Hopefully I'll just forget about it!
I just realized this is probably of no interest to anyone...who cares.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

200K Knuckle (Not the Price)

Between the Motorcycle Cannonball and Max Schaaf's cross country ride I thought this was appropriate.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1949 Springer Pan!!!

This pic was sent to me titled 1948. Upon closer inspection I realized this is an illusive 1949 Panhead with a springer front end! I have always heard the lore that you could get a 1949 (or even a 1950) Panhead with a springer for sidecar use. The bike pictured obviously does not have a sidecar but it sure has a springer and a 49/50 rear fender. The muffler pictured was last used in 49 so it would appear to be a 49 Panhead with a springer. I always wondered how they handled the miss matched trim issue on the front fender compared to the rear. It looks like they just ran it with the standard trim on the sides of the front fender.
Maybe a special order for Law Enforcement...who knows.

Paying the careful what you wish for!

Disgusted at the first...

How do you even do this????

For many years as my Boys got older I was dismayed at their lack of interest in motorcycles. Well recently they have started to spark up. (in more ways then one I think...). My youngest has shown the most interest, riding my 57 Pan and my 52 Servi car.
Well I have been out on many "service calls" lately. The rear brakes in the Servi are the floor... master cylinder problems. The pan blew the head light and yesterday I told the kid to change the Pan battery... he did... but when I went out to check his work this is what I found! He says it all went fine... did he install it with a sledge hammer!!?? WTF!!!! By the way, he had hitched a ride to the skate park with a friend by the time I got home...coincidence?
Now as punishment I am making him ride the 2003 Road Queer I bought when I got divorced. Hell it has no miles on it and sits in the barn...I hate it...
The Kid was disgusted at the thought of riding an old man electric start bike and said it was frumpy.
Well that back fired on me - He just texted me from school, "Awesome its very smooth"
Shit! I guess I gotta break out the manual for that's only a matter of time.
Well I'm heading to the HD dealer to pick up another $79 battery!!!!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brooklyn Invitational 2010

Ernie's Knuckle

Max's Shovel fresh off the cross country ride!

Kevin's Flathead

Construction around Max's Shovel

Down the street

Parkin' the 46


Now you see 'em...

Now You don't...


Discussing all things Knuckle with Max

Richie Pan's Pan

Panhead Rick

Ernie's Knuck again

Bus Loads of German Tourists

I missed the shot but one of the ladies on the bus did flash

Tommy heading out

Caught in the act...a 1953 PA plate and no helmet...your not in PA anymore boy

and away I go

No sleep 'til Brooklyn! (sorry I had to)
Well it was spur of the moment on Saturday morning. I fired up my 46 Knuckle for the first time since I got hit on it last November. No real significance to that I just stole the battery out of it for something else last year...
Anyhow, I threw it in my van (yes in my van...I know) and headed to Brooklyn. The BQE (Brooklyn - Queens Expressway) is lovely this time of year. Had a great time, saw a bunch of people I know and met some others. Got a chance to catch up with Max Schaaf on the street after his cross country Oakland to Brooklyn ride... (great to talk Knuckleheads and oil pumps) Good luck on the ride back!
All in all it was a great time. I didn't get a chance to hit the Dice Party on Friday or the Indian Larry block party...maybe next year.
Enjoy the pictures.