Sunday, September 26, 2010

Jersey Shore 2

Arrived and left my mark all over the driveway

Surviving 46 Knuckle Chopper

1960 Chevy...No it's not on a's a boat!

Minor repair on the 57 Nomad

36 EL Original Bob Job

Recently acquired Original 54 Pan...a Sweetheart!

56 FLH

It's Alive!
The real reason for my visit to the shore was to see Motorcycle Mike. A couple of beers and some BSing. We worked on getting this 56 FLH running. The Timer was a tooth off. We straightened that out and it fired right up! Down the road it went. It needs some minor finishing up and then it's good to go. There's always a bunch of cool shit to see, but the 1960 Impala Pontoon Boat is unfuckinreal! The thing is in great shape inside and out. It was previously used in fresh water...let's see how it holds up at the shore.


  1. So much cool stuff in one place... any more pics of the '36 EL?

  2. very nice 60 impala and a 54 spring special love it what a place.. all knucks are el's until 1941