Wednesday, September 22, 2010

1949 Springer Pan!!!

This pic was sent to me titled 1948. Upon closer inspection I realized this is an illusive 1949 Panhead with a springer front end! I have always heard the lore that you could get a 1949 (or even a 1950) Panhead with a springer for sidecar use. The bike pictured obviously does not have a sidecar but it sure has a springer and a 49/50 rear fender. The muffler pictured was last used in 49 so it would appear to be a 49 Panhead with a springer. I always wondered how they handled the miss matched trim issue on the front fender compared to the rear. It looks like they just ran it with the standard trim on the sides of the front fender.
Maybe a special order for Law Enforcement...who knows.

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