Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Paying the careful what you wish for!

Disgusted at the first...

How do you even do this????

For many years as my Boys got older I was dismayed at their lack of interest in motorcycles. Well recently they have started to spark up. (in more ways then one I think...). My youngest has shown the most interest, riding my 57 Pan and my 52 Servi car.
Well I have been out on many "service calls" lately. The rear brakes in the Servi are the floor... master cylinder problems. The pan blew the head light and yesterday I told the kid to change the Pan battery... he did... but when I went out to check his work this is what I found! He says it all went fine... did he install it with a sledge hammer!!?? WTF!!!! By the way, he had hitched a ride to the skate park with a friend by the time I got home...coincidence?
Now as punishment I am making him ride the 2003 Road Queer I bought when I got divorced. Hell it has no miles on it and sits in the barn...I hate it...
The Kid was disgusted at the thought of riding an old man electric start bike and said it was frumpy.
Well that back fired on me - He just texted me from school, "Awesome its very smooth"
Shit! I guess I gotta break out the manual for that's only a matter of time.
Well I'm heading to the HD dealer to pick up another $79 battery!!!!!!

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  1. Weird isn't it? All we want is to share our passion with our family and they force us to do it alone or not at all!! Go figure. I have a 20 year old daughter who went everywhere with me on trips, now she promises me to go for a ride and nvever does. I guess we just keep going as best we can, Woody