Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greasy Kid Stuff...

I spent an hour or so yesterday with my 18 year old son "Three of Four" getting the '52 Servi-Car back in working order. Battery, Oil change (maybe the first one in 27 or so years!), new plugs, clean off last winter's rust and wipe down using the drain oil to keep everything from getting "crunchy". Last winter was especially hard on the old Servi. I even broke out the grease gun and hit the fittings.

See... the kid blew the head gasket in his S10 pickup... he and his friends decided to tackle the job's not quite back together yet.
I told him we would fire up the trike and he could use that to get back and forth to College (it's what I used, literally the same bike). Of course yesterday after getting it straight, he tossed his skate board in the back and disappeared for the rest of the day! He just did the same thing again today.

It's good to see it getting some use other then toting my ass to the tavern when it snows!

I just wish they'd pull up their pants!