Friday, August 25, 2017

August 2017... Hot Rod Hustle, Oil Change on the 39, 47 to Brookfield, Eclipse

Hot Rod Hustle Jersey... great show great ride great weather!

shoulda took more pictures...

Got 900 miles on the 39 EL and gave it another oil change

Getting the 47 ready for a 500 mile weekend camping trip to Brookfield NY!

Just a misty evening with the 39...

Change up the beat bulb in the 47... the Dirty Nine had to get in on the fun...

47 packed and ready!

Met up these two screw balls on the way... Wild Bill and Bolt On...

Pat's Bar outside of Lake Swollen BallSack for breakfast Lagers!

Crosstown Tavern for the best Blue Cheese Burgers around!
last stop in PA... helmets on and into NY....

Set up camp at Brookfield... beer run!

Life Giving Lager!!!!!

Crackin' Cold!

What's this? a duck call? 

Enjoying the night life in Brookfield...

Good cover in the barns from heavy rains!

Great Forty Eight!

Got me an 18'' drag tire..M&H RaceMaster.

This fuckin' bar pizza hit the spot...

Servi-Car muffler cheap... good!

Night time is the right time....

Breakin" it down... great day for the ride home!

Later Canadian!

Quick piss stop at the Reservoir 

and back on the road...

These goons pulled in (old friends from Jersey) and we headed out... what a great ride!

Knucklehead Eclipse... I think I burned my retinas!