Saturday, May 7, 2011

Asbury Park Bike Show 1984 and older

Mike "Bolt-On" and Chopper 41 Flathead

Ziggy's 67 Shovel ...a staple at the Show

My 47 Knuckle in '84 - Background a VL springer I picked up at the Wall Stadium Swap meet that day

I was at Mike "Bolt-On's" house in Jersey yesterday droppin' off some fenders from Oley and he had a bunch of old pictures. The Asbury Park Bike Show was a must attend for many years. The pictures of of my white 47 Knuckle are from '84. The one of him and his 41 UL chopper might be older.

The Wall Stadium Swap meet was the same weekend so a bunch of us went over. What a great meet that was!!! I picked up that VL springer seen behind my Knuckle in the pic. I ended up trading that to Panhead Eddy and it's still on his bike today!