Saturday, March 31, 2012

Indian Scout Motor and Magneto ID... Help Needed!

I bought this Indian Scout Motor years ago and am looking for any additional info on it or the Magneto / Dynamo that was on it. What I have found out so far is that the motor (according to the Oregon Trail chapter AMCA Indian Serial Number chart) is the following:
1928 Model GEP/101 Engine Number Range – DGP100-DGP4317, Horse Power 6.61
Description: 45” 101 Scout changeover year from sf Scout, mostly assumed 1929

Here's what I think I remember that I was told when I bought it:
The guy I got it from, I believe, told me it was used as a hillclimb or racing engine of some kind and told me the name of the guy's shop in NY (I think) that it came from. I just don't remember any of the facts...wonder why?

The Motor has 1/2 inch stroker plates under the cylinders and the Magneto/Dynamo is a Robert Bosch Germany. The pics show all the detail of markings on the mag.

Any Indian/Magneto experts out there? Help!

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  1. I deleted Matt Olsen's Comment by mistake but luckily it was in my Email...
    From Matt "The dvar mag was used in excelsior 45 motors too. I am doing a 29 super x with the same set up. call gene harper in denver to get some help on it."
    Thanks Matt!