Saturday, March 3, 2012

Atlas Risers - Info Update

I received a comment this morning from on a post I did back in Aug of 2009 called "Flanders - Raising the Bars!". Because of that comment I realized that I had never posted some additional info that I had found on the riser set up in that post. My set up is made up of a Flanders Triple Clamp (Tree), Atlas Risers and H-D bars. You can see from the pic in the catalog that they had their own Triple clamp and maybe some variations on the risers...or someone slid Flanders riser pieces in where the Atlas ones would have mounted to their clamp. I'll have to dig them back out for a closer look...
Thanks to Rigid Hips Stockholm for the input which turned into a reminder for me!!! 
I will post more cool shit out of the Catalog soon.

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