Sunday, October 30, 2011

October 29th??????

Saturday Night

Sunday Morning

Sunday morning

Unfriggin' Real!!! A massive snow storm in October. The whole Northeast got hammered. I just got my power back from yesterday afternoon, but there are plenty of folks still without it. Trees are down everywhere. I fired up the '52 Servi-Car Saturday around 5 pm and me and Kelly went for a spin. It was snowing like a bastard out there. We hit a couple of local taverns that were operating on candle and lantern light. Everyone was in great spirits. It was a great time and the Servi performed flawlessly as usual. Man I love this bike!!!!

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  1. Whow, you really got your fair deal of snow delivered early this winter. As I dont have a servicar to ensure my transport I wish we wont see snow in quite a while yet.


    Take care
    Sverre (still offshore)