Friday, February 25, 2011

39 EL Progress? Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

46 FL Scalped of it's front brake

39 Only(shackle) Front brake

Shackle end up close

36 - 38 Shackle

39 matching front fender


It does match nicely though!

I decided to get some work done on the 39 EL today...
Now awhile ago I was doing some research on front brake parts and realized I had a 39 only front brake on my 46 FL. The "39 only" part is the shackle and positioning of the rear grease today I raped the 46 for it and I'm cleaning it off to put on the 39. I had an earlier brake picked out but I may as well put the right one on. I also picked a nice matching front fender...It has issues but I will overcome!
Yes, after 7 years that's still the ex wife's furniture taking up valuable motorcycle room...what the hell it's comfortable!

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