Sunday, February 20, 2011

Then... again

Found another from Pulsating Paula around 87ish. I believe this is the parking lot of the VFW where the Indoor Manville NJ swap meet was held usually in November. It was raining and I had my old '52 Servi Car...same one I have now except I used to run it without the box. The Manville meet was great! I used to find a lot of great shit for cheap.
One time me and Mike "Bolt On" were walking through the crowded isles and he tapped me on the back and said "Hey, can I borrow $5?" I said sure and handing him the five...right before my eyes he handed it to a guy and picked up a NOS 1941 Harley Speedo!!!! Nicest one I ever saw!
By the way that's his EVO with the original Chrome German Helmet hanging off it.

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