Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Then and now...

The 80's called...they want their glasses back...

Out take from GK # 7

I came across a picture of me on the Internet circa 1987 (Pulsating Paula took it at a swap meet in NJ) wearing the same Marilyn Monroe "In Bondage" shirt that I had on for the pics used in Greasy Kulture in 2008. A little worse for wear 21 years later...the shirt that is. I still have the shirt and the glasses! Come to think of it... I still have that AMI hat too!!!


  1. awesome -you look like hank jr in that hat & those glasses! & the bike is just perfect.

  2. Ha ha! Cool. Never throw anything away....

  3. Yeah AW I used to get that Hank jr thing alot back then...and you're right Guy...I never through anything away.