Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Good the Bad and the Ugly...

The Good - I borrowed a gas shut off alignment tool from my friend Paul over in Jersey.
The Bad - I figured if my shifter pivot was that far fucked so was my shut off alignment. I tested out the tool on the tanks that for whatever reason just won't fit the frame. I them reworked the shifter pivot and bolted up a shifter and gate...looks usable. I set out to align the tanks with the tool, everything was going OK until I got to the part where you set the spacing and the instructions said if the tanks are compressed you must add pressure when tightening the tool until the sleeve bottoms out.
The Ugly - Well I had my son hold the tanks down to the kitchen table (work bench) and apply pressure I did, until I heard that sickening "pop" and everything went limp...(not what you're thinking). The fuckin' stud in the top of the tool snapped! Well there goes a 100 plus dollars! I really love breakin' a loaner...not good!
The tanks were OK and I set up a shut off and all worked fine. My son is in High School Tech for Machine Technology and I sent the broken tool with him to make a part in the shop...we'll see. The boy seemed offended when I insisted the tolerances be exact..."That's what I do all day!" he insisted...OK, OK enough said.

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