Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Centralia PA...A Smokin' Hole in the Ground

Main Street to Nowhere

Great views from the top of the dump

The smoldering Dump...

Note to the Governor

Only the finest accommodations!

Other weary travelers...never did get to meet 'em

Well the story goes like this:

Back in the early 60's this thriving little coal town had a garbage dump fire. The firemen took a break over Labor Day weekend thinking it was contained. The fire caught an underground vein of coal and will burn eternal. The town was evacuated a bit at a time over the years and there is pretty much nothing left but old buckled roads leading nowhere and a large pile of rocks and debris that not only smokes but is hot to the touch...apparently there are still a couple of die hards that have not left.

What better place to take a gal on vacation for the holiday weekend and of course stay at the Econolodge in beautiful Frackville PA for added ambiance...the Black Diamond bar and grill has great hot wings and ice cold Yuengling Lager!

(actually Kelly picked this vacation destination...believe it or not)

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