Thursday, December 29, 2011

Mystery Saddle Bags...Help?

I was thumbing through the latest GKM issue (24) and noticed the saddle bag on the Swedish UL Bob Job. It kinda looked familiar and I gazed across the room at a set of bags I've had for about 28 years.
I picked them up at an AMCA meet in Valley Forge Pennsylvania (Pre Oley). I just thought they were cool at the time. They were stuffed with newspaper from Minneapolis MN dated March 28 1969. The bags are obviously unused...the design and material would indicate that they are much older then the news paper used to hold their shape. It appears they would fit a smaller bike based on their size and mounting configuration...they would be great on a Bob Job with a narrow rear fender.
Can anyone one help me identify these bags??????


  1. I´v seen those bags here i Denmark too. As far as I know they were used for horses. I´ ´m not sure if it was for Police or Army horses.

    Cheers man, and Happy New Year from Copenhagen


  2. I just have two pairs of the exactly same saddlebags. on in that small size you got and one pair some bigger sizes, but same shape, material and craftsmanship. those small bags were used by the swiss military on their Condor 350 & 580 motorcycles. the larger ones were used on the horses. as i know these were made in the french part of switzerland & they`re still available in nearly perfect condition at swap meets here around switzerland. if you need some more infos drop me a mail or go to my website: L&R MBL

  3. Thanks for the great info and happy New Year! Any clue as to how old they are?

  4. Jeff, I`ve got the same bags on my W from 1939, I`m very found of them.
    Bought them in the eighties at a Danish swap meet where a gentleman offered a bunch of these NOS. As MB Leather write to you I remember the guy selling them said they where Swiss cavalry horse bags made as early as in the twenties.
    I have pics from late forties showing my W with exactly the same bags, hence they have been popular on bikes for many years over here.

    Talk to you soon.

  5. Hoolywood, those are teens motorcycle accessory bags. I have a set myself. Used to have them on the original paint 1913 Yale twin I sold Mike Terry. You can see them in era accessory catalogs. Todd Bertrang

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