Thursday, February 13, 2014

DAMN! I thought it was bad yesterday!

14 inches of fresh powder...

Fuck it..they plowed pretty good...
My neighbor snapped this pic as I tried out the roads

 Friggin' Nor'easter dumped about 14 inches on top of what we already had and more is coming tonight...apparently we're in a lull for a couple hours until the ass end comes around and spanks us! The township guys did a great job on the roads so out I go...forgot my jacket...oh well...


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  2. Holy shit, can you actually ride in this snowy shit, I thouht the front end would slip out, do you not have salt there, we got tons, my bike would turn to rust right away.

  3. Been ridin' in this crap since I was a kid. It get's tricky...just got back from the bar and it started coming down again...and yeah my shits all fucked up from the salt!