Friday, October 16, 2015

1970 Electra Glide Fully Loaded with Sidecar and Camper!

1970 Electra Glide with Sidecar and camper

What a rig!

Air horns!

Full gauge compliment!

Speaker for the CB...yes I said CB
Breaker, Breaker...

A CB Radio that works! I heard truckers on channel 19... Flashbacks!

H-D Sprint tool box on the camper!

Re-positioned right blinker on the sidecar fender tail light

Timing cover block off plate for the right blinker on the bike

Air Shocks...

He gave me his and his wife's old H-D hats full of AMA pins as well...along with everything he had for this motorcycle...way cool...

I got a call while in California at the Yosemite road run from an older gentleman that wanted to sell this 1970 Electra Glide. I'd looked at the bike about three years ago and made an offer and forgot about it. The bike was sitting in a shed since about 1999. George is 79 years old and bought the bike from Philadelphia H-D back in 1974. He and his wife road all over the Northeast U.S. and Canada on this machine. George said he needed to get rid of it due to his health and to make room... he said he would give me a good deal on the old bike. I went over the day I got back. We agreed on the conditions, shook hands and I loaded it up and dragged it home. The next Sunday I cleaned out the carb replaced the fuel lines, added brake fluid and a battery and fired it up! It runs like a dream! I went back for the trailer this week and hooked it up...everything works!
Now this is way newer than I'm used to, but my very first Harley was a 1971 Eletra Glide Police bike and this one is almost identical to that...

BTW - More coming on Yosemite and The Race of Gentlemen....

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