Sunday, January 24, 2016

Vard Forks are Back! - Vardhalla Inc. - From the Mechanical Genius that is Nicke Svensson!

50 kilo manganese bronze!

Fork cover sand mold

100% manual machined by hand on 1940's equipment.

Bushing Fabrication

Top bushing before he cuts the thread and cuts it down to size

All materials are aircraft approved bronze alloys and DOM steel.

Nicke's Supertuppen!

Nicke Svensson had an epiphany on New Years Eve...Why not bring back the Vard Fork???
He had already started fabricating Vard covers back in 2012 and now he has decided to hand fabricate the entire forks! If anyone can do it Nicke can...
When I asked if he had a picture of a complete Front End he said...
"No I don't... I got the idea on New Years Eve so things are moving pretty fast...Stay tuned. " And "Stay tuned" I will!
I will keep you posted as I get updates from Stockholm...

For complete schematics of this undertaking check out NickeLeaks at...


  1. Harpoon was been making them for about a year and a half. He started the new Vard Co. Check it out here:

  2. That's right Chris, Vard forks have been back for 3 years now! We made the first new production Vard in 2013, completely in Southern California, and we still are making them!!!!!!!