Monday, July 25, 2016

Hillclimb - Freemansburg PA - June 2016 - Old Hillclimb Display

Getting my display stuff ready...

Arrived early morning to set up

Getting the Franz bikes and memorabilia set up

Larry Sr's last Harley Hillclimb bike...Larry Sr. last modified it in 1985 by cutting off the rear section and adding a swing arm and gas shocks of his own design...guy was a genius!

Heavily modified (by Larry Sr. and Jerry Franz) 1937 Harley Factory Hill Climb Bike

The wind kicked up so I set some of the stuff up in the van

Got a shot of Ralph Kreeger and Phil Libhart with Larry Sr. and Jerry Franz's Modified 37 Harley

A fresh hill to climb...

Kreeger / Libhart Pit

Larry Franz Sr.s first Harley Hillclimb bike started life as a 1932 HD Hillclimber and was purchased from National Champ A.W, French in 1941... Larry won two National Championships in the same day in 1952!

Heading home...

So after several years of inquiring about putting on a small display of  old H-D  Hillclimb bikes at the Freemansburg Hillclimb, my buddy Woody... Pres. Bushkill Valley MC finally made it happen. 
I wanted to set up right outside the pits so the riders could come over and check out some old climbers and memorabilia... I arrived early on Sunday morning and began setting up. It didn't take long before riders from the pits came over to check out the old bikes. It was a great day (except for the wind kicking up forcing me to take down the EZ UP and display some stuff in the van) but that wasn't too bad. It was nice having the van and cooler right there and I had a great view of the action too! Although I just realized I was having so much fun that I didn't take one picture of the aforementioned action!

It was nice to get Larry Sr. and Jerry Franz's bikes out there...Hope to do it again.